Attends Butterfly Fecal Incontinence Patch/Pad

  • $72.99

Attends Butterfly patches provide a simple solution for people who experience the unpleasant surprise of minor bowel leakage or persistently soiled underwear. Butterfly is a soft, disposable patch that adheres directly to the skin.

Soft, absorbent disposable patches for minor bowel leakage. Non-flushable, non-septic-safe.

 Absorbent: Absorbent core captures leakage and helps neutralize odor  

 Secure: Tuck comfortably between your cheeks while the adhesive gently adheres to your skin for a secure fit

 Hygenic: Unique winged design provides simple and clean application removal


Attends Butterfly Body Patches, S/M (Women's size 0-11, Men's 22" - 31").    Attends Butterfly Body Patches, L/XL (Women's size 12+, Men's 32"+).


Unit of Measure Contents Sold By
Mini Case (C) 112 Each 1 Total (1 case of 4 Package)
Case (CA) 672 Each 1 Total (1 Case of 24 Package)