Abena Abri-San Premium Incontinence Pad (Light to Moderate)

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The Abri-San Premium Pad is an anatomically shaped pad that creates a complete system for all degrees of incontinence - from light to moderate to heavy. These premium pads have a soft noiseless backing and are loaded with innovations in the incontinence field.

Abri-San Premium Pads are ultra premium - constructed with the most innovative technology and unsurpassed quality; they are completely breathable which ensures better overall skin health. These incontinence pads are certified free of dangerous chemicals and allergens and are environmentally friendly.

The Abri-San Premium Pad range has a numeric system beginning with Size 1 until Size 11 - the 11 being the largest and most absorbent. Abri-San Premium Pads are as small as 4” x 9” (Size 1) or as large as 14” x 27.5” (Size 11) and can absorb as little as 200ml (Size 1) or as much as 3400ml (Size 11).

Abri-San Premium Pads feature the following:
  • (1) Anatomical Shape - The anatomical shape combined with a soft elastic border ensures a snug fit, thus increasing comfort and security.
  • (2) Most Absorbent Pads on the Market - The use of long cellulose fibers, superabsorbent polymers, a unique fiber separation technique, and an additional core in the center provide for maximum absorption, strength and dispersion of the liquid absorbed.
  • (3) Top Dry Layer - A Top-Dry acquisition layer and embossed channels assist this process, while increasing dryness and user comfort.
  • (4) Leakage Guards - Soft, highly repellent and reliable leakage barriers, extending right to the edge, ensure unrivalled leakage protection in all situations. On the bigger pads, a built-in cross barrier offers optimum protection against rear leakage.
  • (5) Wetness Indicator - An external wetness indicator facilitates the work of care staff.
  • (6) Completely Breathable - Air Plus breathable textile-like back sheet provides increased comfort and minimizes the risk of skin irritation. Both heat and humidity penetrates the Air Plus Backing faster than plastic backing. This means reduced risk of skin irritations and uncomfortable temperatures.

Size Absorbency Dimensions Color
1 200 ml 4" x 9" Yellow
1A 200 ml 4" x 11" Orange
2 350 ml 3.9" x 10.2" Purple
3 500 ml 4.3" x 13" Red
4 800 ml 8" x 17" Green

The manufacturer suggests that all the Abri-San Premium Pads should be used with special fitting underwear.