A complete system to be used in training your new family member to go potty in your home while eliminating all mess, odors, and protecting your furniture and flooring. A 2 product system consisting of a disposal top pad and a re usable bottom pad. This recommended combination is all you will need to effectively preserve your home and furniture. The combination will contain up to 120 oz of fluid and potty (more than any puppy can produce in a 24 hour period). A top underpad to be thrown out after each use and a thick soft reusable pad underneath to be washed if your new family member misses, very large mess, or you simply forget or don't have time to throw out the top disposable underpad.  


1) Cardinal Health Standard Disposable Underpad 30"x 30" (Case 150). Disposable to be thrown out after each use.

2) Cardinal Health Essentials™ Reusable Underpad, Ibex Quilted with PVC Backing, Plaid, 34" x 36" (Case 10).                                                                        Soft, quilted, PVC leak proof backing, and washable.